Cat5 Cabling

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Category 5 cabling, or Cat5 cabling, makes use of twisted pair cables that are often used for structured cabling in computer networks.

These types of computer networks include the Ethernet, a computer networking technology for local area networks or LANs.

Cat5 cabling standard provide performance of up to 100 MHz. This type of computer network is often used for 10BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX, also called as Fast Ethernet, and 1000 BASE-T, otherwise known as Gigabit Ethernet.

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Why Choose Cat5 Cables?

Cat5 cabling your network often makes it unshielded, causing it to rely on its balanced line, twisted pair design and differential signalling. This then rejects noise and other such interference.

The many applications of Cat5 cabling include carrying signals such as telephony or video.

10 BASE-T, and Fast Ethernet require only two wire pairs of Cat5 cabling, while Gigabit Ethernet require up to four wire pairs. This allows it to carry additional 25 watts of power on top of the Ethernet data.

Sometimes, a single can carry multiple signals. You can carry two conventional telephone lines with a Fast Ethernet using Cat5 cabling. And there are several structures that allow for the transmission of both analogue and digital video through Cat5 cabling.

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